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Marisol Ortega

Tacoma, USA


Tavo Garavato

Bogotá, Colombia

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Minerva GM

Cancún, Mexico

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Víctor Meléndez

Seattle, USA

A public art initiative by MEXAM NW

By reclaiming the unused space in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square neighborhood (4th Ave S and Yesler Wy) and transforming it into a visual tribute to diversity and creativity, we are fostering the vibrant essence of Latin culture. Our goal is to inspire an artistic renaissance that sparks imagination, encourages dialogue, promotes inclusivity, and rekindles a sense of community. By providing a platform for Latin artists, celebrating Seattle's multicultural identity, and cultivating a lively and stimulating urban environment, we envision Seattle bursting with color and vitality, embracing our shared passion for unity through art.


This mural, created by the renowned artist Victor Melendez, who serves as the art director of this project, reflects his original design for the 7th edition of the MEXAM Northwest Festival. It incorporates elements from Tavo Garabato's art, infusing a Colombian flair, and features contributions from Marisol Ortega, creating an itinerant nature that ensures it will be appreciated by many communities across Washington and serves as a prime example of the transformative power of public art.


Simultaneously, another integral facet of this project entailed the participation of Minerva GM, who undertook the creation of an additional mural at the premises of Kolors Studios, a media agency located at 315 1st Ave S #300. Kolors Studios played a pivotal role as essential collaborators in this initiative. Minerva GM's contribution manifested as an abstract representation of Mexican cacti, adding a unique artistic dimension to the overall project.


Of course, this project required many helping hands, and we would like to express our gratitude for the support from Kolors Studios, Novo Painting, The Sala Seattle, Delta Aeromexico, and the Consulate of Mexico in Seattle.

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Marisol Ortega

Tavo Garavato

Minerva GM

Víctor Meléndez

By MEXAM NW Festival 2023

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